About Me — Sunku Ranganath

To the reader: Its nice of you to stop by to learn more about me. If you are here reading this, give me a holler through LinkedIn!

Sometimes one of the hardest thing to do is to express oneself in writing about what they are/were/would be! Its always the case that we go through multiple iterations of putting everything in text.

While keeping things brief, this goes in to 2 sections, personal side and professional life!

Personal Side:

We all are human beings before we are defined by our title or by our work. So here are few things I am:

  • Believes in core set of values that help guide and define one’s self
  • Traveled 16 countries and looking for the next opportunity to travel again
  • Love being a Dad!
  • Always strive to be good at what I do, no matter the time it takes
  • There are enough complicated things in the world, our life need not be one!
2019 was one of my best years of travel! Would love to do that again!

Professional Life:

Brief Highlights

  • 11+ years of experience in defining, developing, building, testing, benchmarking & contributing production ready software & systems to open source communities & customers
  • 6+ years of design, integration, performance analysis, building reference solutions/architectures and Proof of Concepts in Network Function Virtualization (NFV) domain
  • Lead cross-Geo teams of engineers & contract workers across multiple time zones by successfully delivering multiple solutions & open source software
  • Excellent relationships in driving adoption of features & solutions with
    customers, partners across open source communities, system integrators & NFV domain experts
  • Good track record in leading, influencing & contributing to cloud software communities

IEEE Senior Member — Awarded

“ Senior Member is the highest professional grade of IEEE for which a member may apply. It requires extensive experience, and reflects professional accomplishment and maturity. Only 10% of our more than 400,000 members have achieved this level ”

Patents — Filed


Invited Talks


  • Recipient of 2019 OPNFV Community Leadership Award
  • Divisional Recognition Award — IceLake server Power/Application Telemetry Upstream 3Qs ahead of Launch
  • Divisional Recognition Award — Advancing SDN/NFV with Unified Infrastructure for Cloud Customers
  • Divisional Recognition Award — For Scaling Enterprise, Telco & Cloud deployments of IA-optimized NFV
  • Spontaneous Recognition Award — From VP of OTC for integration KVM4NFV into Intel Open Network Platform
  • IEEE Student Leader Award — From IEEE Phoenix section

Industry Standards

Industry Publications

  • IEEE International Next Generation Roadmap Edge Service Platform roadmap specification for 2021 — co-author
  • Intel Network Builders White Paper on “Closed Loop Automation Telemetry Aware Scheduler and Self-healing & platform resiliency” — co-author
  • Intel Network Builders User Guide on “Enhanced Service Assurance — Intel Platform with OPNFV Barometer Project”
  • Intel Network Builders White Paper on “Deterministic Network Functions Virtualization with Intel® Resource Director Technology”
  • Over 8 Intel Network Builders White Papers on Closed Loop Platform Automation — Co-author
  • Reference architecture & benchmarking guides for Intel Open Network Platform — Co-author
  • User Guides — Monitoring telemetry from Intel Resource Director Technology & Run Sure Technology
  • Collectd 6.0 architecture document — contributor
  • Collectd Plugin documents on design, test & usage on Barometer wiki — author
  • OpenStack Blueprint on leveraging Resource Director Technology — author
  • Intel IT publication “Intel’s Working Hard to Enable Your Data Center Transformation” — contributor
  • Open Network Platform Reference Architecture & Benchmarking Guides — author

Open Source Projects — Maintainer

Collectd: https://github.com/collectd/collectd

CNCF Service Mesh Performance: https://smp-spec.io/



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